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removal in Newcastle, NSW asbestos

Hiring a professional asbestos removal company or contractor is recommended for getting rid of asbestos for good. However, there are certain homeowners who are talented or are under tight-budget who decide to remove asbestos on their own. Although there is nothing wrong in doing that, DIY projects offer temporary solution where the results may not be convincing. But if you are prepared to remove asbestos on your own, then you need to follow these tips carefully.

  1. Wear Safety Gear – Make sure you wear the correct and proper gear before getting rid of asbestos. This means that shoes, face masks, hairnet, gloves are worn by you.
  2. Use Simpler Tools – You may be tempted to use machines like electric drillers to remove asbestos. However, that would be a wrong move as these machines only make the situation bad to worse. Instead, you should consider using screw or hammer to remove asbestos in a safe manner.
  3. Don’t be Stupid to Drink or Eat – At the worksite where asbestos removal work is carried out, do not eat or drink. This is due to the possibility of asbestos lying on the surface of the food and water. Moreover, you should also avoid smoking at the worksite provided you are a smoker.
  4. Don’t be Stupid to Use Water Blasting – Water blasting to remove asbestos is considered to be illegal in majority of countries. Moreover, scrubbing is also considered to be a no-go to remove asbestos.

You can try these DIY tips for asbestos removal in Newcastle, NSW region. However, hiring a professional makes more sense.

DIY Tips for Asbestos Removal