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CPE is the most important requirement for members of AICPA when it comes to renewing and maintaining their licenses. CPE allows certified public accountants to continue learning throughout their lives. As with many other professions, accounting regulations are constantly changing as new practices emerge. Any individual who is not up to date with the latest developments in account regulations will be unable to provide the best service to clients and businesses. The AICPA expects members to be up-to-date with all aspects of the profession. 

General Requirements For a CPE license renewal are:

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According to the AICPA, licensed members are:

You must complete 120 hours of approved CPE every three years beginning January 1st of the calendar after initial licensure. (e.g., recertification for someone who received their license in 2021 would start January 1, 2022).

Only approved providers of NASBA may provide CPE hours. These could include self-study training courses and conferences, as well as classes at universities and colleges.

There is a grace period of 2 months after the renewal period. However, the grace period does not include any hours worked toward the deficit in the second renewal cycle.

Additional requirements for CPA license renewal include how to calculate college credit, report for programs without stated hours, and pay financial dues. These details are different for each member of the Board of Accountancy. This is true for the renewal of licenses, approved CPE forms, and exemptions. CPAs should check their state-specific requirements via NASBA for this information.

CPE and the License Renewal Process
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