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Sales Asset Management (SAM) is a confusing phrase in the world of B2B sales and marketing. But in reality, this is not a new name for a group of client advisors in the financial services sector – it really has nothing to do with the financial services industry. While SAM may be difficult to understand, it is very important for B2B companies to try to better align their sales and marketing teams, increase sales effectiveness, and increase marketing effectiveness. 

Sales Asset Management helps B2B organizations manage their commercial assets i.e. internal reference materials, customer-oriented assurance materials, presentation folders, etc. in one easy-to-access portal. B2B companies use sales asset management software via to create, store, manage, deliver and analyze content from a single point of view. 

Top 4 Must Have Features when Choosing a Sales Asset Management Platform

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In simple terms, a sales activation strategy involves managing sales resources. SAM is one of the many functions of a sales promotion strategy that helps to get accurate information, content, and support for a business organization as efficiently and smoothly as possible. However, there are so many characteristics of sales asset management software, have a look at them some of them discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

Content creation: 

Content creators must be able to prepare and create content for field distribution in SAM solutions. Since these content creation teams typically have other content creation platforms, the SAM solution should act as an integrator and not a replacement for an existing platform.

Content storage and management: 

Content creators do not have to combine content into one closed portal, but must be able to integrate all existing content and data sources in the organization so that all content can be accessed and tracked from a central point of view. This eliminates duplicate and out-of-date content and allows for more extensive analysis.

Core Sales Asset Management Characteristics