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The Ph.D. in Technology Management is a part-time or full-time research-oriented doctoral program in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management. Students research to broaden basic and general applied knowledge in the field of technology management using a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. 

The focus on research is at the start of the program and allows students to develop research projects relevant to their experience and professional interests. About 2/3 of graduates pursue careers in industry, and about 1/3 become teachers. You can also search online for more information about master’s in technology management.

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A doctorate in industrial engineering gives you an added advantage. This allows you to specialize in high-tech production processes and their strategies. In general, in this field, one should have a strong interest in mathematics and also be interested in research and problem-solving skills on topics such as operations, maintenance, and management. With this and a little proper planning, you can get this coveted qualification.

The key word is research. You can start by researching universities that offer accredited Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering. Once you have a list of potential universities, find out their background. This way, you can get an approximate overview of what you need to prepare for during your studies. 

You'll also want to shorten the list by eliminating universities that aren't in the right area for you.

Carving The Path To A PhD In Industrial Technology