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Car wheels are also known as wheels. The different types of wheels are spinning wheels, chrome wheels, truck wheels, American racing wheels or custom wheels. They differ in design, price, size, weight and mounting options. When the wheels are lighter, the overall mileage of the car increases.

Car wheels are very important to the handling and performance of the car. Wheel styles range from simple 5-spoke, spoked, lightweight wheels to the latest chrome plated swivel wheels. You can read this article as many car owners also use custom wheels and this enhances the appearance of the vehicle and gives it a bit of exclusivity.

Earlier car models had steel wheels. The steel wheels are heavy, making the car too heavy and reducing productivity. Modern bicycles are more elegant and aerodynamic. Alloy wheels are a great choice for city breaks and are most widely used in the mass market. They are lightweight, dissipate heat quickly and increase mileage.

Chrome rims are popular for their glossy exterior. Many other types of alloy wheels have been introduced over the last decade. The custom made wheels include magnesium alloy wheels which are X-rayed and heat cured to ensure they look good and last.

One of the hottest trends right now is car wheels with spinners. These wheels create an optical illusion. When the vehicle is stationary, the wheels look like they are still turning. These wheels are designed to grab the viewer's attention. They have no particular use, but they are still popular.

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