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With regards to clothing, shirts have become popular due to their attractive characteristics. These days’ shirts have become the most common form of attire and are used by men in their daily life. In order to do so many individuals embrace the newest modifying trends and look good in awesome apparel.

Custom luxury shirts offer full customization options like giving the measurements of each body part such as biceps, chest, waist, shoulder, and sleeve and neck size. The same goes for style as men can easily choose the collar, pocket, placket, yoke, pleats, and cuffs styles.

 Extreme Cutaway Collar

Among dress shirt styles, the collar is one of the major attributes, which make a huge difference in the look of the shirt and wearer. One of the most famous collars styles these days is cutaway collars. 

In the cutaway collar, the points of each side spread away from each other, angling back towards the shoulder. Cutaway collars further have different specifications depending on the designer and the wearer. Some have less distance between both points while others have angles pointing downwards. 

One of the major reasons for the cutaway collar is that it reveals most of the upper shirt area. This collar looks trendy with or without a tie but having a double knot tie with a cutaway collar gives men the perfect attraction they have been yearning for.

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