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While it is widely believed that inexpensive refrigerators work in the same way as household refrigerators, the two types of refrigerators actually work in very different ways. Refrigerators use the cold air produced by the freezer to keep the refrigerator cool. 

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Condenser and Thermostat:- When the temperature inside the unit begins to rise above the temperature set by the thermostat, the condenser will turn on and start a new cooling cycle. 

The fan in the unit then draws air into the cooler and over the condenser coils. 

The coolant in the coil extracts heat from the air as it flows over it. The cooled air then travels to the back of the device and is slightly cooler than when it was introduced. This continues until the air temperature matches or becomes colder than the thermostat temperature.

Insulation:- An important factor in effective cooling is its insulation. Standard built-in coolers have Styrofoam insulation between 5 and 10 cm on the walls, as well as rubber seals around the doors, ensuring good insulation and airtightness. Styrofoam and seals protect the outside temperature from the influence of the air in the cooler and ensure that the condenser only cools the air inside the device.

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