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There are many benefits to using programmable entry doors, including the ability to open and close automatically depending on the time of day or weather conditions. This can save you time and energy, as well as allow you to focus on other tasks while your door is opening or closing. 

In addition, programmable entry doors can also provide security benefits by automatically locking when you enter or leave your property. Click over here for more information about the benefits of programmable entry doors.

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4-point Latch Door Lock Installation. For extra security, you may choose to have an electronic 4-point cylinder lock installed on your door using an electronic keypad such as Schlage ProGard or Kwikset EasySet Touchscreen Deadbolt Keypad Entry System by Honeywell (these have been tested and approved by the American National Standards Institute, they meet the UL 933 Standard). 


Because of the attractive decorative hardware and attractive door design you may choose to have a decorative door knob installed on your lock. This can make the door look as beautiful as it feels on your finger when lifting to open. 

The Entry Door Closer is available in many styles and types that will fit your entrance window or opening. It also has a feature of locking into place so it stays closed until you want it to open again. 

The entry door closer is an excellent addition for any entrance window or opening because it ensures that no one can enter the home without knowing about what is happening inside the house (i.e., no one will be able to sneak in when you are not at home).

Benefits of Programmable Entry Doors