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Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a sport in which two or four players use a table tennis bat to hit a ball back and forth. The current table tennis table has a diameter of 40.00 mm; Weight of 2.6 to 2.8 grams, white, yellow, or orange. The table is 2.74 m long, 1.525 m wide, and 76 cm high with a cross net in the middle. You can buy the best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables at

The player must be provided with a laminated wooden stick covered with rubber on one or both sides depending on the player's grip. Table tennis rules allow for a different surface on each side of the racket, providing a different rate of rotation or speed.

Points are counted when a player fails to return the ball according to the rules. The rules of the game are simple but require quick reactions. 

After receiving two points, the host to the server, until the end of the game tips or until both sides reach a score of 10 points, will use alternating serves, then the order of serving and returning of services will remain the same, but will only be able to execute the ball once at a time.

The table tennis game wins the player who scores 11 points first, if both players score 10 points, the first player who then gets a 2-point advantage wins.

Basic Information About Table Tennis
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