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Many of us perceive the iPad to be a fancy techno device that is only appropriate for children or adults. It can, however, also be an outstanding learning aid for children, especially for kids with learning disorders such as autism. Various county authorities are also buying ipads in bulk for schools

Should Your Kid Use an iPad? And For How Long?

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You may be curious if children with intellectual disabilities will benefit from the iPad. Since they have touchscreens, children who have mobility problems can quickly reach them. 

These kids may find it hard to handle conventional PCs and tablets, although the iPad may be easier to handle. They find it much easier to execute clicking and slipping movements.

Instead of reading a typical book, even average kids who do not have any developmental disabilities would love to read short storeys or novels on an iPad. Nowadays, many people worry that children are losing the habit of reading. 

Letting them read fun things on iPads is one way to foster this practise in them. Typically in them, you can encounter less reluctance than if you compel them to read from a hardcover novel. 

When children get into the habit of reading on an iPad, they will start learning independently and continue learning. To develop their learning skills and increase their awareness, there are hundreds of awesome applications available for kids.

Are iPads for Toddlers Useful?
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