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An incentivized marketing should be incorporated into a sales team's communications and marketing strategy. A good idea is to use your actual customers as a means of sending out updates. It should be used when potential clients are about to visit your website or telephone number and therefore will then hear about new products and promotions that they can use as incentives to make an initial purchase.

The new customer must be sent a link to the product or service that they are looking for. This should be a free trial product, but you can also provide a free trial offer for your existing customer base as well. Once the customer clicks on the link they will be directed to your website where they can enter their details in order to proceed with the product or service they are interested in. When they have made a purchase or entered their information, they will get a discount, code or voucher to be used on your website.

This can be a very powerful and practical way of promoting products because it gives your site a natural following. If the customer has visited your site before it is more likely to be a repeat customer because of the familiarity and association that they will have with your website.

An incentivized marketing platform will help your sales team to become more successful in terms of making sales and more satisfied customers. You may even get some great referrals from your current customers who were referred by someone else who was persuaded by the sales and incentive marketing platform.

Your sales team can take advantage of the marketing platform and actually show it to their customers on their website and with regular emails. You might want to build this into the sales process so that it builds towards the sale rather than being just added on top of the sale that they are trying to make.

You can set up an incentive marketing platform by downloading a promotional email software program and using the promotional email templates. You can put the code of the product into the messages and this allows them to have a new incentive every time a customer clicks on the link in the email.

You can also have your sales team to send out different types of incentive offers each time a new client comes to your website. These might include free gifts such as free newsletters or e-books, discounts, coupons, vouchers or any other promotional gifts that you can think of.

A very interesting way of using a free promotional email to attract customers is to send an email of a tutorial or learning opportunity for a new product or service. For example, if your website sells bikes you could offer a free bike registration or a chance to try the bike in a demo situation, then when the customer has completed the registration they would get the software which shows you how to ride a bike and tell you what each part does.

If you sell wedding photographs then you could offer a certificate for a hundred pictures which could be redeemed for a free wedding album or photograph. It could also be a great deal if you could let them choose the gift for themselves or perhaps a family member, something to commemorate the occasion and to give them something memorable to remember the event by.

The idea behind the incentive marketing platform is to get your product or service advertised and brought to the attention of your audience. If you can get your readers to click on the link or download the software then it will prove to be very beneficial to you and your business.

By using the real product as a means of communicating with your audience you will be able to use it as a marketing tool. There is no better way to build brand recognition and credibility with your customers than to provide good products and great services.

You need to understand that the incentive marketing platform is not the end all and be all of your online promotional strategy. If you only use it in the right way then it can prove to be very successful and you will have a loyal customer base.

An Incentive Marketing Platform