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Buying a new computer and upgrading to a better and faster system is really exciting. However, it's not all that interesting when you think about the data you had on your old computer. It depends on what files you have stored on your computer, but 2-3 years' worth of mp3, videos, photos, movies, and chats are not so easy to play. Somehow there is an attachment to this file, which we are carefully saving bit by bit.

It's a good idea to transfer this data from one repository to another. Data migration is the process of transferring old data from one repository to another. This may be because you bought a new computer and donated the old computer and still need the files and want to keep them. There are professional data migration companies such as that help to transfer data from one system to another for business as well as personal use.

It's also possible that your computer is infected with a virus or spyware where you want to delete everything first and restore the data later, or you may want to completely wipe your desktop and use your laptop. Before you start migrating data, review and categorize all the files you own. This ensures that you don't save unwanted files that you don't really need.

It helps if you create separate folders and label them as Music, Photos, Videos, Movies, Documents, etc. After sorting and marking the files, you also have the option to compress the files. One option is to save it as a ZIP file. This is only recommended for files that you won't open or use often, e.g. old photos and videos. This simple process can save your precious hard drive space.

All You Need to Know About Data Migration