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A medspa is a unique method, a hybrid between a day spa, beauty salon, and doctor's office. The idea, at least in theory, is to provide a comfortable, non-clinical setting where clients can relax and enjoy both medical and non-medical treatments. Without feeling they are in a clinic or hospital. 

From a back massage to Botox injections to laser hair removal, you can have a variety of treatments designed to make you look younger and/or feel better carried out under one roof. To get more information about the best Honolulu med spa treatment visit 

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It's important to know which medical spa is right for you.

Med spas are designed to be relaxing, informal places offering a variety of procedures. But if you mean to have anything carried out that is more medically oriented than a manicure, light facial, or reflexology foot massage, make sure a doctor is on-site, and that a licensed medical professional is performing your treatment.

So if you are interested in visiting a medspa in Honolulu, do your research first. While the experience is meant to be pleasurable with fantastic results, your health and safety should always be paramount.

Spa Treatments 

Med spas offer all sorts of non-invasive treatments, ranging from run-of-the-mill facials to new-age alternative therapies such as iridology and Satvik Energy Healing. Most can be enjoyable and relaxing, as long as they are not used as a substitute for conventional medicine. 

Among the most popular ones are:

Facials. Many types of non-invasive facial treatments are on offer, the choice is up to the medspa. From tightening and lightening to deep cleansing and facial massage, there is literally something for everyone.

Tinting. Eyebrow and lash tinting, or a combination of the two. Make sure you have a consultation with the therapist beforehand, as well as an allergy test at least two days before you go for the tint.

Before you visit any med spa in Honolulu ensure that a physician will be overseeing the facility and that he or she is always on-site. Make sure staff are qualified and licensed.


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