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Stock valuations are estimates of the company's cash flow forecast for the future. There isn't a comparable valuation measurement for cryptocurrencies since there is no fundamental company. The value of cryptocurrencies is based solely on investor interest.

The value of cryptocurrency is based on two things: the probability of other investors purchasing the asset, or the usefulness of the blockchain technology of the cryptocurrency. You can get more details about cryptocurrency via

Cryptocurrency operates upon Blockchain technology However, what exactly is blockchain? The term is now so ubiquitous however its meaning and purpose are often ambiguous. Blockchains are essentially electronic ledgers that record transactions. The ledger (or database) is distributed over computers in a computer network. 

The transactions of cryptocurrency are stored forever on the blockchain. A set of transactions is added to the chain as 'blocks that validate the authenticity of transactions and help keep the network operational. Each transaction batch is stored on the shared ledger which is accessible to the public. 

The reason is that they get paid using cryptocurrency. The incentive-driven system is known as Proof-of-work (PoW) method. Computers working to verify the authenticity of blockchain transactions are referred to as miners. For their effort, miners get freshly-minted cryptocurrency assets.

Cryptocurrency investors don't keep their funds in traditional banks. These digital addresses have public and private keys which are long strings of letters and numbers which allow cryptocurrency users to transfer and receive money. Private keys enable cryptocurrency to be sent and unlocked. 

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