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Laser liposuction does not remove any underlying skin structures unlike traditional liposuction, instead the laser action emulsifies fatty deposits.

This is a much safer method of weight loss. Laser liposuction is perfect for a client who may be seeking to define their abs, define their chest, or remove those jowls. Muscle mass hidden under layers of fat can be revealed to show a leaner and more toned physique. This treatment allows the client to be fully in control of what areas they would like to see an improvement.You can get more information about cool sculpting via

Not only does this method of fat removal produce great contouring results, but the condition of the skin is actually improved. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and can deal with bodily changes such as losing weight to a certain extent. However, with traditional liposuction the treatment is carried out over a single session, resulting in a rapid weight loss. This often can result in baggy and saggy excess skin.

With laser liposuction, treatments can be spaced out which gives the client’s skin time to tighten between sessions providing an overall more natural and smooth appearance. Moreover, traditional liposuction uses invasive techniques, so permanent scarring is also a factor which is removed by using laser liposuction.

Advances in Laser Liposuction