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Copper wires can be used for everything. Copper wires are the best conductors of electricity and are therefore used in so many applications. You can use bare or tinned copper wire to ground electrical systems. They should not transmit electricity without insulation. If you want to buy electric wire then you can visit at

Solid Copper

The ground wire can be made from solid bare copper. It is non-flexible. It is available in various sizes, ranging from 26 AWG to 2 AWG. It is more difficult to bend the larger size wires. This type of solid copper wire is ideal for jobs where it won't have to bend or move too much.

Stranded Bare Copper

Stranded copper wire sounds exactly like it does. This wire is made by twisting smaller copper strands together to create a larger diameter. Romex(r), wires also have stranded bare copper wire. Because of the smaller strands, stranded copper wire is more flexible. This bare copper wire can be found in sizes from 18 AWG to 2 AWG.

Tinted Copper Wire

This wire is also called the bus barware. This wire can be made from either solid or stranded Copper. This wire is coated with a layer of zinc to help adhere to solder when it's being assembled. This wire is often used with insulation but can also be used without it when necessary. 

About the Copper Wire Insulation
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