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Dental care is often neglected by many people. Good oral hygiene is essential for good health. Dental decay can lead to serious health problems if you don't brush, floss, or clean your teeth regularly.

While flossing and brushing are great ways to keep your teeth healthy, even the best at-home care may not be able to reach areas where plaque can build up. It is impossible to remove plaque from teeth after it has hardened. If you want to clean your teeth, then you can look for expert teeth cleaning service in Los Angeles, CA.

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Plaque that has hardened (also known as tartar) creates a tough, protective layer on the teeth. This makes it impossible for saliva to penetrate. The teeth are protected by the saliva, which works in the mouth against acids made by bacteria.

The bacterium produces acids once the tartar has formed. These acids can cause damage to the enamel. This acid can cause gum disease and cavities by irritating the gums. 

To keep your teeth healthy, a dentist or hygienist can perform a professional cleaning.

Teeth cleaning involves two steps. The tartar will be removed by a dentist or hygienist first. This is also known as descaling and uses specialized tools.

Mirrors can be used to check for the plaque on surfaces and areas, particularly areas that have not been cleaned with flossing or regular brushing.

After removing the plaque, the tooth surface can be polished to prevent further bacteria and plaque from building up.

Teeth cleaning should take place every year or every two years, depending on your dentist's recommendations. Patients with dental or orthodontic problems may require more frequent cleanings.

A Quick Guide to Teeth Cleaning
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