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To restore the original condition of the historic building, the services of a paint stripping company or contractor are assigned. The sensitivity when removing lead paint is in the hands of the experts, who ensure that the original shape of the historic building is preserved.


The main reason for scraping is to get the perfect paint job by creating a high-quality paint finish with excellent smoothness and gloss. You can easily strip paint from a brick of your house by hiring a professional pressure washer.

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Scraping makes the new paint last longer and prevents it from peeling if the old paint doesn't peel off.

In historic buildings, it is not recommended to remove paint by scraping vigorously, unless absolutely necessary. In practice, only light scraping, hand sanding, and cleaning are used as part of routine maintenance.

In the case of wood, from a practical point of view, the new layer adheres more to the existing layer than the raw wood. If the old coat is still firmly attached to the wood and the surface is carefully prepared for the new coat, then the old coating does not need to be removed. 

However, if deep cracks are visible on the surface and large bubbles appear and the old paint is peeling off, then the old paint must be completely removed before repainting.

A Quick Guide For the Process of Paint Removal In Perth