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Importing clothing and textile products is important. It is important to decide the design and quality, not the supplier. When it comes to clothing and textile products, there is no quality standard definition. Clear product specifications are the key to achieving what you need.

There are many big textiles and clothing factory in london. Finding suppliers who can fulfill your design and quality requirements are the hardest part. Remember that not all good manufacturers will provide high-quality clothing. Cheap clothes are in demand and many suppliers can offer niches.

When imported clothing under supervision, it is better to check the following:

Order samples are the best way to determine supplier capabilities. This can take a lot of revisions to find the right textile or clothing for your design and quality requirements.

Suppliers may not be able to meet each request on the sample. Suppliers cannot make a few buttons or order a large number of fabrics in a single way. Suppliers must also meet the minimum amount.

Reference samples are another good idea. Suppliers will find it easier to reproduce design elements and maintain high-quality standards.

Don't expect suppliers to give you free samples. This sample can take time and the supplier needs to buy one or utilize the existing resources to provide it.

Textiles and clothing have low weight, high density, and high volume. Therefore air shipping is not feasible. Caps, which are textile accessories, have smaller volumes but higher weight so shipping can be limited. 


A Guide For Small Business On Ways To Import Clothing